Our People

Everything we achieve is because of the skill, professionalism, strength, and hard work that each and every person at EPSA brings to our operations, and we could not be prouder.

Our people are our foundation, our present, our future.

It is thanks to the integral efforts of all of our employees, suppliers, and the support of the communities we work with, that EPSA has been at the forefront of earthmoving, mining, and construction for so many decades. 

Leading with accountability

We understand that our success is directly influenced by the talent and effort of our people, and because of this we frame our vision, values, and growth around what is best for those who make us stronger and give us purpose. Each and every person at EPSA has the potential for individual growth, achievement, and self-realisation; we do everything we can to foster, nurture, and catalyse this, as each individual is a key part of our global team. 

Since 1970 we have been successfully implementing our policies globally.

These have been enriched by feedback and evaluatory processes, and have continued to evolve as we have grown. We incorporate the success in these avenues into our framework of values and our vision, aligned with the principle of ‘people first’, and these are embedded into our work and business practices.

Embracing diversity, embracing progress

At our core, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and united workforce that mirrors the diverse communities we serve. We hold a steadfast commitment to cultivating an inclusive workplace environment, guided by our vision that emphasises the importance of every individual.

Our advocacy for diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in a global framework that centres around gender equality, the empowerment of native and indigenous communities, and the celebration of cultural diversity. By fostering an inclusive environment, we promote greater engagement, encourage innovation, and enhance productivity throughout our organisation.

Our people are our greatest strength.