Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability defines how we at EPSA approach our business and strategy.

We always aim to better ourselves.

For decades now we have been prioritising two key areas of importance: limiting our environmental impact, while improving the living conditions for local communities. Every single decision or directive is crafted with these aspects at the forefront of our strategy. We understand that the nature of what we do can have an impact on the environment. We know we have a great role to play in the future of sustainable mining and earthmoving activities.

This is a fundamental principle of EPSA: to manage our processes diligently through our values, while ensuring our environmental commitments are met. This way we can sustainably create value and achieve growth for all our people and stakeholders.

For humanity to thrive on this planet, we must align the notions of profitability with that of sustainability.​

Where we
are going

We look to fulfil commitments regarding several aspects of environmental sustainability in accordance with ESG guidance. Stewardship of the local sites we are active in is a fundamental action when it comes to responsibility, and we define our operations through such behaviour.

Within the scope of our site responsibility we practice efficient resource and waste management, aiming to reduce our overall usage and footprint, and we are constantly building on these strategies.

We are dynamically positioning ourselves in order to reach the ambitious goals we have set with regards to our ESG commitments, and to be a key contributor towards the clean energy transition.

Our belief is that our role goes beyond just the material elements involved in our activities – shaping the world of tomorrow begins with a vision that incorporates sustainability and responsibility within all directives, behaviours, and actions at all times.

We care for Earth.