Our vision, mission, and values

Moving Earth towards a brighter future since 1962.

Who we are

We are an international earthmoving services company for mining and infrastructure projects, proudly serving the industry for over 60 years.

From the start, we have always looked to improve the lives of people and create a better, more sustainable planet for all. Proper management of ESG commitments are fundamental to our future activity; we believe it is necessary to be part of the positive change in the world, and we believe that doing things right is what matters.

Despite being active for over half a century, EPSA has maintained one culture, and our values have held consistent. We pride ourselves on our responsibility, our common sense, and the satisfaction of a job well done, with the ability to innovate and adapt dynamically while still holding the highest possible respect for all cultures around the world.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest quality mining and earthmoving services, while staying true to the values that have guided us since 1962.

We are driven by a vision to deliver world-leading services in the mining and earthmoving sectors, while looking beyond the present moment and towards a thriving, sustainable future for those next generations. This achievement will be built on honesty, integrity, and pride in our work.

Our Mission

Moving Earth towards a brighter future.

We look to provide services of high quality that add value in mining and civil works projects for clients worldwide. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our people, the wellbeing of the environment, and supporting the communities around us are of absolute importance to us.

We believe that we have the potential to drive positive change, and we are committed to harnessing that potential to create a better world.

We do our part to create a sustainable future where our actions do not compromise the opportunities and wellbeing of future generations, enabling people and nations to continue to grow and develop in accordance with the preservation of the environment. This way we create value not just for our stakeholders, but also ensure that our actions today will benefit the world for years to come.

Our Values

We are proud of our people who strive as a team to achieve our clients’ objectives and goals, based on a shared culture of our core values.


Simplicity and common sense underscore our priorities in diligently managing operational processes throughout our engagement in a project. We are dedicated to safeguarding people, the environment, and promoting responsible resource utilisation.


One of our primary goals is to consistently enhance safe working practices. We actively foster and endorse a culture of health and safety, prioritising the well-being of all workers and partners involved.


Pride for a job well done: we pride ourselves on achieving client satisfaction by delivering services to the highest professional standards. We are committed to exceeding both our own and our clients’ expectations.


We want to bring value in what we do to everyone related to our operations. We do this by holding respect for all our stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, employees, and the different communities around which we operate.

Together for a brighter future

We are world leaders in our services, and we understand the impact of what we do. We work tirelessly to improve every aspect of our activity in order to supply the earth with the materials needed for the green and technological transformations imperative in securing our future. Our continued growth and global operations are always framed within the scope of our ESG commitments and policies, so we create value not just for stakeholders, but for all people and the world.

One culture, of practicality and integrity.