Our global operations require industry-leading equipment. We operate and maintain our own fleet, investing in the most advanced and sustainable technology and machinery to deliver at the highest professional level.

Our equipment is world leading.

We rely on the latest proven industry technology, allowing us to operate with utmost precision and fully harness the capabilities of our equipment.

Every single piece of equipment undergoes a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, guaranteeing safe operation at peak performance and productivity levels. As a result, we achieve the highest possible availability of our plant and equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

We are trailblazers.

Planning, implementation, and continuous improvement using advanced, innovative tools is at the core of what we do. We are pioneers in operationally actioning the latest techniques developed in the fields of topography and technical services.

We accurately survey large areas using advanced GPS systems, 3D applied technology, topographic scanners, and high-capacity drones, designed and built for our industry. Data processing is undertaken using the latest software and equipment that are among the most comprehensive and efficient applications for project planning, scheduling, implementation, and analysis.

Our equipment

We have integrated a complete, functional array of industry-specific technology within our fleet and our daily operations across all sites worldwide. Innovation and progressive development define our long-term strategy.

Loading Equipment

Loading equipment is responsible for efficiently and safely loading materials such as minerals, ore, and waste onto trucks, conveyors, or other transport systems.​
Wheel Loaders <br>23t - 240t, <br>6 m3 - 23 m3

Wheel Loaders
23t - 240t,
6 m3 - 23 m3

Excavators <br>50t - 700t,</br>3 m3 - 42 m3

50t - 700t,
3 m3 - 42 m3

EPSA loading mining earthmoving equipment
EPSA haulage equipment fleet

Haulage Equipment

Haulage equipment plays a crucial role by efficiently transporting large quantities of minerals, ore, and waste materials.​
Mining Trucks: 400t

Mining Trucks: 400t

Mining Trucks: 300t

Mining Trucks: 300t

Mining Trucks: </br>240t

Mining Trucks:

Mining Trucks: </br>200t

Mining Trucks:

Off Highway </br>Trucks: 100t

Off Highway
Trucks: 100t

Off Highway </br>Trucks: 60t

Off Highway
Trucks: 60t

Articulated Trucks: 45t

Articulated Trucks: 45t

Wheel Tractor Scrapers: </br>32t - 47t

Wheel Tractor Scrapers:
32t - 47t


Dozer tractors are earthmoving machinery designed to push material. Bulldozers may be used in mining, quarrying, and construction sites. They accommodate a variety of environments and applications with high levels of efficiency and versatility.
Bulldozers <br>335 CV - 850 CV, <br>40t - 120t

335 CV - 850 CV,
40t - 120t

Wheel Dozers <br>405 CV - 814 CV, <br>34t - 101t

Wheel Dozers
405 CV - 814 CV,
34t - 101t

EPSA fleet mining earthmoving

Grading and Levelling Equipment

Grading and levelling equipment is instrumental in precisely shaping and smoothing the terrain, ensuring even surfaces and accurate elevation across the site.
Motor Graders </br>blade width 3.7m - 7.3m

Motor Graders
blade width 3.7m - 7.3m

Compaction Equipment

Compaction equipment is vital for achieving optimal soil and material density, thereby increasing stability, reducing settlement, and enhancing load-bearing capacity for projects.
Vibratory Soil Compactors <br>16t - 19.5t

Vibratory Soil Compactors
16t - 19.5t

EPSA earthmoving mining fleet equipment
EPSA drilling blasting equipment

Surface Drill Rigs

Our drilling fleet offers a variety of applications for mining and rock excavation, with the latest models assuring maximum flexibility, quality, safety, and a productive operation.
Rotary Blasthole</br>Drill Rigs</br>8" - 16",</br>203mm - 406mm

Rotary Blasthole
Drill Rigs
8" - 16",
203mm - 406mm

Down The </br>Hole Rigs </br>5" - 10",</br>127mm - 203mm

Down The
Hole Rigs
5" - 10",
127mm - 203mm

Top Hammer </br>Drill Rigs </br>3 1/2" - 6",</br>76mm - 203mm

Top Hammer
Drill Rigs
3 1/2" - 6",
76mm - 203mm

Recyclers & Stabilisers, Crushers, and Screening Equipment

Crushing equipment uses mechanical energy to break stone blocks into smaller blocks with a specific granulometry. In particular, they are used in the mining industry to reduce the size of the mineral blocks and facilitate their processing.
Recyclers & Stabilisers

Recyclers & Stabilisers



Screening Equipment

Screening Equipment

EPSA plant technology
EPSA heavy trucks mining earthmoving

Fuel and Water Trucks

The infrastructure and machinery utilised for efficiently providing essential resources such as water, fuel, and other supplies required for operations, as well as for managing irrigation systems to control water flow and distribution.
Water Trucks</br>20,000L - 150,000L

Water Trucks
20,000L - 150,000L

Fuel Trucks</br>20,000L - 40,000L

Fuel Trucks
20,000L - 40,000L

Heavy Haulage Trucks

Our Special Transports Team supports clients in the mining, construction, aircraft, and energy industries, with capabilities to carry heavy loads of plant and equipment, as well as the planning and managing of full operations.
Maximum Indivisible Load</br>80t - 3,090t</br>Equipment Special Transport

Maximum Indivisible Load
80t - 3,090t
Equipment Special Transport

EPSA mining earthmoving equipment
EPSA mining earthmoving equipment machinery


Heavy duty cranes to support our global operations in both mining and civil works.
650t Capacity Crane

650t Capacity Crane

300t Capacity Crane

300t Capacity Crane

100t Capacity Crane

100t Capacity Crane

Technology and innovation for a sustainable future.