Health & Safety

The safety of our people and local communities is at the forefront of every decision we make.

EPSA is its people, and their safety, health, and wellbeing is always of absolute importance to us.

We make it one of our fundamental objectives to be constantly evaluating and improving our working practices in order to stay ahead in all areas of health and safety. This is reflected in our people, and especially in the professionalism, support structure, and culture we have fostered over our decades of experience as a global operator within the industry.

Our people are diverse and global.

Due to our scale, we have positioned our health and safety strategies to encompass our activity worldwide and be actionable by all our people. Our Integrated Management System incorporates all elements relating to occupational health and safety. This is then reinforced by the best practices of our Occupational Risk Prevention framework, which is implemented worldwide across our operational sites.

Our methodology has helped create our Global Integrated Management System...

… with this, we have health and safety standards driven by leadership and supported by our people. New initiatives and innovative ideas are always welcomed and encouraged – our management both promote and seriously evaluate any means of improvement. We are always actively and dynamically assessing our protocols within the spheres of health and safety and analysing how we can best develop our strategy in accordance with our vision, values, and purpose.

Local commitment, global expertise, one team.

EPSA is the sum of our people. Their wellbeing and health directly impacts us and the world around us. We want to see our people safe, and see them flourish – reaching ambitions, feeling valued, and living lives they are proud of, while being part of a larger community. We are actively putting into effect policies regarding health and wellbeing at our sites, offices, camps, and operations worldwide; we openly encourage our people and those within our communities to reach out and engage with any ideas or initiatives they want to discuss.

Health and safety is always our priority.