We believe in people. Learn key skills and develop your career with a team comprised of highly talented professionals.

Working with us

We offer professional opportunities in the fields of mining, civil works, and maintenance of heavy earthmoving equipment. We are a team who share a common passion for what we do, driven by new challenges, international experience, and continuous improvement. Since 1962, we have built on the collective talent, respect, and dedication of our people to provide the best earthmoving services to our clients around the world. The attitude and commitment of our people has elevated EPSA to consistently greater achievements and has helped shape the world we live in today.

Why you?

We welcome motivated, talented individuals who want to become part of a multicultural, diverse global team. We are actively committed to providing a supportive work environment, while nurturing personal growth and development for all our employees.

As part of our team, you can train and develop your skills within our industry and realise your own unlimited potential. Teamwork, determination, effort, and values are vital in the future of our activity.

Employee satisfaction commitments

With pride in our diverse, dedicated people, we work towards common objectives with a shared passion. We are committed to providing a safe workplace where all our people are welcomed, recognised, and valued as individuals. Our aim is to cultivate a team of professionals with a creative, innovative leadership mentality, ready to impart a positive impact to our communities in a sustainable way.

Training and development

We look to enhance talent and grow from within, with our future leaders being our most valuable assets; we are committed to caring for and training our people based on our shared culture and values. We mentor and help our employees forge their own paths to become the leaders of tomorrow with programs, incentives, and opportunities such as in-house simulator training, contributing to continuous improvement while keeping up with the demands of the industry.

We are global

We are active in several countries across all continents, with opportunities across many diverse sectors, working in different locations and projects. We take advantage of our global presence by benefiting from the collaboration and synergy of our local teams, encouraging healthy growth of the communities where we are established and around which we operate.

Secure the future

The work we do is founded on a commitment to people, and to creating value towards a sustainable, inclusive world. We face the future of our activity with enthusiasm and motivation to improve the professional opportunities of our people.

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Our people are the most important part

Understanding that our success is directly influenced by the talent and commitment of our people, we frame our vision, values, and growth around what is in their best interests. Each and every person at EPSA has the potential for individual growth, achievement, and self-realisation; we do everything we can to foster, nurture, and catalyse this. Thanks to our people, EPSA is a global leader in the industry.

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