Our Story

From our first machine, we have become what we are today thanks to the committed team of professionals working together for the same shared purpose.

Our mission, to move Earth towards a brighter future, begins in 1962...

...with our first machine, a farm tractor, used to help agricultural development in the Northeast region of Spain. We understood the needs of the people and the communities around us, and soon, the tractor was in heavy demand for agriculture and infrastructure projects. An agricultural scraper was added as an accessory, and the works grew towards land levelling and clearance.

Over the decades, we have grown to undertaking global scale operations across all continents. In this time, our core values never changed: our commitment to excellence, our pride in our work, and our desire to help the world progress by supplying the raw ingredients needed for its continued development.

Celebrate with us: over 60 years in mining and earthmoving

All great journeys begin with a single step. Over the years, our work has laid the foundation for innovative change. As the world has evolved, the importance of what we do remains vital. Resource recovery of metals propel the technological modernisation of the green energy and transport industries. Our irrigation and hydraulic works help power the agricultural production that keeps us moving. Never forgetting where we come from, wherever EPSA works, we take pride in the quality of our services and how we help the world develop towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our History


Our journey begins: the purchase of our first machine, a tractor for agricultural land levelling and farming purposes in Spain.

EPSA mining earthmoving history

Our first civil works project: a water canal, where we were commissioned in the construction of a side road along the length of the canal. As we grew, we developed an approach that would define our working methodologies, always acting in unison to guarantee quality and delivery.


The activity of our company required the creation of a specialised team to maintain and repair equipment on-site. This strategy was implemented to guarantee higher availability of the machinery and to support clients in a task of utmost importance: the long-term safety and performance of the equipment. Through production and maintenance teams working together, our proper procedural use of equipment, combined with a rigorous preventative maintenance program, kept the downtime as low as possible.

mining earthmoving operations
mining earthmoving history EPSA

A dam in Morocco marks our first truly international influence, in 1975. The following year, we start our first mining operation: an open-pit mine in Spain.


We begin working on major projects, leading to more people joining us, and higher plant capacity. We are by now becoming an industry leader, and primary mining/earthmoving company in Spain.

EPSA mining earthmoving history
EPSA mining earthmoving history

We expand our activities and client base into South America, starting in Chile. Our first projects were infrastructural, mainly roads. Since then, our growth has led to mining and civil works activity in many other countries in South America.


We are involved in the world's largest infrastructure and mining projects. Our renewed fleet welcomes larger and higher-tech mining equipment and technology. We certify our management system according to the most recognised international standards for quality, safety and environment. We expand on our community support projects, especially in education.

EPSA mining history earthmoving
EPSA mining earthmoving history

We establish EPSA in the Middle East and APAC regions, operating in India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Australia.


African operations resume, with projects in countries such as Mauritania, Ivory Coast, and Mozambique.

EPSA mining earthmoving history
EPSA mining earthmoving history

We are one team of more than 6000 people, sharing a true passion for our work and with a strong sense of responsibility in delivering successful projects to our clients worldwide. We are ready to continue our journey Moving Earth for a sustainable future.

Our Values

We are proud of our people who strive as a team to achieve our clients’ objectives and goals, based on a shared culture of our core values.


Simplicity and common sense underscore our priorities in diligently managing operational processes throughout our engagement in a project. We are dedicated to safeguarding people, the environment, and promoting responsible resource utilisation.


One of our primary goals is to consistently enhance safe working practices. We actively foster and endorse a culture of health and safety, prioritising the well-being of all workers and partners involved.


Pride for a job well done: we pride ourselves on achieving client satisfaction by delivering services to the highest professional standards. We are committed to exceeding both our own and our clients’ expectations.


We want to bring value in what we do to everyone related to our operations. We do this by holding respect for all our stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, employees, and the different communities around which we operate.

EPSA: a history in pictures

We choose Earth.