Community and Education

At EPSA, we hold dear our value for each and every person, community and nation. This extends to our actionable policies on a ground level: social responsibility, community engagement, and our work in education.

It starts with respect.

We hold dearly our commitments to the communities we serve, with each project and site lent strength by people both in and around it. Nurturing the relationships we hold with local communities is how we have been able to excel – not just in our activity, but also in how we have been able to continually support people and communities globally.

EPSA in the communities we serve

We cooperate with local communities on intricate, personal levels, and these relationships are a significant contributor to our decades-long success and growth. Our communities play a vital role in supporting us in our exceptional service and delivery, enabling us to provide best practices on an industry-leading, global scale. In return, and directed by our values, we place people at the highest level of respect and dedication possible, collaborating mainly in long-term agricultural and educational projects.

We are driven by our commitments to the global communities we work alongside.

Education is the root of all growth. Education brings knowledge, and knowledge opens doors to a brighter future. At EPSA, we proudly sponsor many educational programs around the world that will help empower and uplift the communities we work alongside.

Proud of being part of the community

The fundamental tenets of our community engagement look towards a future where transparent dialogue, equity in opportunity, and sustainable development all create an evolving support system that becomes second nature to our operations, as a natural extension of our own activity in a region or locality. We know the work we do on the ground level has ramifications that go beyond any one person, and we are dedicated to providing as much growth and development potential as possible – both where we operate, and for the greater global community.  

People first.