With over 60 years of experience, we offer world-class earthworks services for both mining and construction.

What we do

From humble beginnings, EPSA is now a leading global earthmoving company. At the core of what we do, we aim to improve lives, and create a better, more sustainable planet for all. We deliver value for clients through our commitment to excellence, our unwavering spirit of cooperation, and our incredible people.


Best-in-class mining and earthmoving professionals with a track record of excellence.


We have global experience in civil mining works, construction, and infrastructure.

Drilling & Blasting

Highly specialised teams in drilling and blasting supporting both mining and construction works.

Equipment Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and repair of our equipment, optimising availability and reducing downtime in our operations.

Caring for
our planet

We are world leaders in our services, and we understand the impact of what we do. In order to supply the earth with the materials needed for the green and technological transformations imperative in securing our future, we work tirelessly to improve every aspect of our activity. Our continued growth and global operations are always framed within the scope of our ESG commitments, so we create value not just for stakeholders, but for all people and the world.

Our work helps the world transform

Our technology is key to our efficient and effective resource recovery and earthmoving. Operated by global teams, we complete each project with a focus on safety, productivity, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Solutions-driven with a positive attitude.