We have always looked to move Earth for the development of our communities.

Worldwide expertise in earthmoving for civil works.

For over six decades, our commitment to excellence has fuelled our developments in construction and infrastructure projects, lending us a vast breadth of experience in civil works. This exceptional journey has been made possible thanks to the trust and support of all our suppliers and clients. Their unwavering confidence in EPSA has served as the cornerstone for our growth.

Moving the Earth

With our robust logistics capacity spanning multiple countries and our extensive expertise in civil works, we are exceptionally well-positioned to undertake projects in remote and challenging locations. This combination of logistical prowess and practical experience establishes us as the optimal choice for ventures that require operations in demanding and geographically challenging areas.

Our track record demonstrates our remarkable adaptability, as we have consistently delivered amongst intense and demanding conditions. We are resilient; rising to the occasion with unwavering resolve, we bring a world-class service that not only overcomes challenges, but also exceeds the expectations of each project we serve.

Central to our success is our specialised and highly-qualified team, equipped with an extensive fleet of cutting-edge machinery and technology.

This lets us deliver at the highest international level, marked by uncompromising quality, timeliness, and adherence to client requirements.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of civil works, encompassing the following:


Civil and infrastructure works in mining, where our services have enabled the establishment of robust and sustainable operations.


Such as solar farms earthworks, where we harness the power of renewable energy to fuel sustainable progress.

Road, rail, air, and sea

Our contributions have facilitated efficient infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, high speed rail networks, airports, ports, and canals such as the Panama Canal.

Real estate and other developments

Urban and industrial developments foster thriving communities. We also complete diverse projects where our clients find added value in our services, such as racing tracks and golf courses.

Hydraulic projects

Dams and irrigation canals, showcasing our participation in projects aiming to manage water resources for agricultural and living development.

Our operations

Drawing upon our extensive global expertise in earthmoving for mining and construction projects, we engage in collaborative partnerships with clients to optimise our operations from the project’s inception to its completion.

Our scope of work includes drilling, blasting, load & haul, and all related earthmoving activities.

Moving earth since 1962