We facilitate our clients’ provision of the materials needed for the world’s continued prosperity, and to power the clean energy transition.

No matter the location, we deliver.

We offer world-leading mining services, with a commitment to excellence – for people, for clients, for stakeholders, and for the environment. Over the decades we’ve remained innovators and pioneers, and we continue to operate on a global level at the forefront of the industry.

Earthmoving in mining

EPSA’s first involvement in the mining industry was in 1976, when we were enlisted by an open-pit mine to provide our expertise. From the outset, our focus has been on meticulously aligning machinery and engineering with the unique demands and timelines of each mining operation and client.

Our extensive global logistics capacity combines with our strong knowledge of mining, helping supply the world with the vital material it needs to progress technologically and environmentally.

At EPSA we possess the capacity to successfully complete projects in diverse environments.

Because of this, we are well-positioned for projects assigned in challenging locations, and consequently delivering world-leading service. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver results of exceptional quality for our clients.

Our operations

We engage in collaborative partnerships with clients, drawing upon our extensive global expertise in mining and quarrying projects to successfully complete projects.

Our scope of work includes drilling, blasting, load & haul, and all related activities.

Our tools help the world transform

We prioritise maintaining a significant level of equipment availability to provide our clients with a firm assurance that their production goals will be achieved. This is accomplished through the fostering of open and ongoing communication channels, allowing us to closely collaborate with our clients throughout the process.

Serving the mining industry for a sustainable future.